Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Services Help Unsnarl Medical Bills

New Services Help Unsnarl Medical Bills: "Two years ago, medical-equipment salesman Stephen Girdley had to take his 2-year-old son, who was experiencing development problems, to roughly four doctor appointments a week. After each visit, Mr. Girdley was inundated with health-care bills and 'explanation of benefit' statements. The confusing mass of paper made it difficult for him to answer questions about his deductible from his insurance company. 'If you get a lot of medical bills, wow, that can be really confusing,' says the Atlanta resident. To get a handle on the paperwork, Mr. Girdley shelled out $25 for MedBillManager, an online tool from health-care services company Change:Healthcare LLC that helps users organize their medical bills. He says the tool helped him to get organized and provided him with a single summary of all his bills, which made talking to his insurance company easier. MedBillManager is one of many online services popping up to help consumers take a more active role in their medical care. Intuit Inc., maker of the Turbo Tax software, offers software called Medical Expense Manager to help consumers deal with their medical expenses, for a cost of $50.

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