Wednesday, October 03, 2007

ICE First™ - Product Features and Benefits

ICE First™ - Product Features and Benefits: "A visit to your child’s pediatrician. An emergency for you or a family member. Your parent’s doctor who calls with questions. There are so many instances in life when access to important medical information is crucial. With ICE First™, you’ll have peace of mind because you will know you are prepared for any possibility. ICE First is a web- and mobile phone-based software application that allows you to quickly and easily store and manage emergency medical information and contact numbers right on your mobile phone, with a copy of your data on a secure web database. On most mobile phones, the software is automatically installed using an over-the-air method once you complete your ICE First purchase. What makes ICE First so easy and convenient to use is it that it allows you to input and maintain your information using your computer and transfer it wirelessly to your cell phone.

Here are some more important features and benefits of ICE First:

* Provides a web-based interface that can be accessed from any computer, which allows the user to easily update and sync information with the handset
* Generates automated reminders to subscribers to update their information, and displays a clear message on the phone about how current the information is (for emergency personnel) "

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