Monday, October 15, 2007

Why is consumer-driven healthcare important to employers?

"By teaching our employees how to navigate the medical system, use preventive measures, and comply with treatment regimens, employers will see an immediate increase in productivity and competitiveness. Years of quality living and money beyond imagination will be added to the balance sheets." Fred Williams, Director of Benefits and Strategic Alliances, Quest Diagnostics, Inc.

And yet, inspite of knowing this, most corporates do so little to promote their employee's health and wellness ! Sadly, the only contribution most Indian companies ( even the most enlightened ones !) provide towards their employee's health is to pay their employee's health insurance premium under a group health insurance plan !

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  1. Corporations decision makers are patients too. They will not think about making change until their doctors tell them it is needed. Right now, most doctors only talk to their corporate executive clients about better reimbursement rates.


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