Monday, January 25, 2021

Tales IVF doctors spin to trap unsuspecting IVF patients. Video


Come to Malpani Infertility Clinic if you want to be treated as a VIP IVF patient - Video


We treat all IVF patients as VIPs at Malpani Infertility Clinic


Do you want to find an IVF clinic which treats you as a VIP patient ?

One way of getting IVF Red Carpet treatment at most IVF clinics is to be a millionaire. The other is to come to us .

We treat all our patients as VIPs.

This is because because all the medical care in our IVF clinic is provided by DR Anjali and me .

Together, we have over 60 years of experience and expertise in treating IVF patients. We provide high tech care, with high touch .

We do not employ any assistants because take pride in establishing a personal connection with all our patients .

We understand that providing IVF is not just simply offering medical treatment. We know that IVF patients need emotional support and counselling as well , and we are happy to offer this , because we establish a personal rapport with all our patients.

Because we have such a high success rate, we are very happy doing IVF – and our patients are very happy with us !

This is why we take pride in treating patients who have failed IVF cycles in other clinics. These patients have learnt the hard way that there is a big difference between an average IVF doctor and a great IVF doctor.

We take pride in being doctors who not only care about providing high quality medical care , but also care about treating their patients with kindles and tender loving care.

We care about our reputation, and it gives us great joy in helping infertile couples like you to complete the families


Friday, January 22, 2021

The older man and his fertility. Video


The IVF coverup - how IVF doctors fool IVF patients when their IVF cycle fails

Most patients are mature enough to understand that IVF cycles will and do fail in spite of the fact that the doctor has done their best .

The problem is many doctors add insult to injury when the IVF cycle fails , and blame the patient for the failure .

They trot out specious reasons, such as – You didn’t rest enough; You were too stressed out; You ate too much “hot” food !

All of these are completely false . Once the embryo has been transferred into your uterus, it is complete safe, like a pearl in an oyster.Nothing you do can harm them , so please do not worry about this. And the embryo doesn’t care whether it spend 5 days in the fallopian tube, or 5 days in the test tube ! Please do not let your doctor lie to you.

The problem is that when doctors offer these silly reasons for the failure, the patient loses confidence in the doctor . Even worse , some doctors advice expensive tests ( such as ERA ( endometrial receptivity assay) , PGS ( preimplantation genetic testing) and immune testing to “ diagnose “ the reason for the IVF failure !

This makes no sense to me. Why would the doctor wait for an IVF  cycle to fail before advising these tests, if they were really useful ? After all, it’s in the doctor’s best interests that his patients get pregnant !

The good news is that patients are now getting smart enough to understand that when a doctor changes his tune after the failure, this often means that they are covering up the truth, and not being open and transparent with them .

The problem is that once they have had a bad experience with one IVF doctor, they don't trust any other IVF doctors either !


Thursday, January 21, 2021

The older man and his fertility


Many older man worry about their fertility .

They know that a woman's fertility declines as she gets older , and therefore they are naturally concerned that their fertility will decline as well .

However, the reason a woman's fertility declines as she gets older is because her ovaries stop producing new eggs after birth . This means she starts running out of eggs as she ages. When her eggs run out , she becomes menopausal .

However, the testis is designed very differently.

The seminiferous  tubules in the testes continuously producing sperm daily, no matter whether the man is 25 or 95 . This is why the freshly produced sperm will remain healthy and will be able to fertilize an egg .

This is why Charlie Chaplin was able to impregnate his wife even at the age of 73 !

This is why men don’t need to worry about the effect of their age on their fertility.

Yes, a Google search will show papers which say that older men have an increased risk of being infertile, but this is just a statistical increase, and it's not because there's a problem with the sperm quality . It’s usually because of the pedestrian reason that as a man ages, he ends up having sex less frequently , and this is what causes his fertility to apparently decline .

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