Sunday, October 28, 2007

The second IVF cycle

For many patients, doing a second IVF cycle is much easier than their first one. There is much less apprehension and anxiety, because they have "been there, done that". They know exactly what is involved; and that there is no physical pain during the treatment. Their comfort levels are also much better, because they have developed a personal relationship with the clinic staff. However, for some patients, the second cycle is much harder. The first cycle is often done with the hope that " it has got to work !" The failure of the IVF cycle can be heart-wrenching and forces patients to confront the reality that there are no guarantees with IVF and that life is full of uncertainties. The fear of another failure can become a huge hurdle in some patient's minds - and many can never muster the courage to try another IVF attempt. This is especially true if their experience with the medical staff has been poor; and the clinic is seen to be impersonal and uncaring.

Fortunately, most patients have much more realistic expectations during their second IVF
cycle , which means that managing them is much easier. The index of a good IVF clinic in my mind is how many patients come back for their second attempt !

I especially enjoy treating patients who have failed an IVF cycle at another clinic. Not only are these patients more medically challenging;, it's much more fun to treat them, because we provide so much more personalised attention and care, which means they are more
appreciative . After all, unless patients have experienced poor quality care at another IVF clinic, how can they judge how much better we really are ?

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