Monday, October 22, 2007

"Just relax !"

This is the commonest advise doctors give patients - for example, when doing an embryo transfer. But how does one relax when lying on a cold examination table, with a mind which is full of worries and fears ?

Interestingly, it's not possible for you to relax your body - after all, you can only contract your muscles - you cannot relax them ! So what's the secret ? Here's a simple tip. What you need to do is to actively contract the opposing muscles. So if you want to relax your biceps, you need to contract your triceps !

What this means is that during the embryo transfer, you need to actively push your buttocks down to the bed; and keep your knees wide apart. This will force the inner thigh muscles ( the adductors) to relax, allowing your vaginal muscles to relax, thus making the doctor's life ( and yours !) much easier.

Learning how to do pranayama ( a type of breathing which yoga teaches) and meditation also help !

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