Sunday, October 28, 2007

MEDgle - search your symptoms

MEDgle - search your symptoms: "Search over 6000 symptoms and more than 2000 diagnoses. General Medicine Personalized medical search by doctors for everyone (for informational purposes only) All data have been entered by physicians. We are still in BETA and continuously updating the database."

This is a great tool - check this out. You'll have a pretty good idea of what your doctor will be considering once you check out this site !

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  1. HI
    Indeed, Medgle is a fine search tool.
    As a co-founder of "medical 2.0" I want to intdroduce you and your readers with our new platform,which gives you so many platforms in the health 2.0, medical 2.0 and science 2.0:
    Hope for your comments
    DR.Uri Ginzburg MD,MBA
    ((Also writes the blog:
    Hope for future collaboration and communication


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