Friday, January 22, 2021

The older man and his fertility. Video


The IVF coverup - how IVF doctors fool IVF patients when their IVF cycle fails

Most patients are mature enough to understand that IVF cycles will and do fail in spite of the fact that the doctor has done their best .

The problem is many doctors add insult to injury when the IVF cycle fails , and blame the patient for the failure .

They trot out specious reasons, such as – You didn’t rest enough; You were too stressed out; You ate too much “hot” food !

All of these are completely false . Once the embryo has been transferred into your uterus, it is complete safe, like a pearl in an oyster.Nothing you do can harm them , so please do not worry about this. And the embryo doesn’t care whether it spend 5 days in the fallopian tube, or 5 days in the test tube ! Please do not let your doctor lie to you.

The problem is that when doctors offer these silly reasons for the failure, the patient loses confidence in the doctor . Even worse , some doctors advice expensive tests ( such as ERA ( endometrial receptivity assay) , PGS ( preimplantation genetic testing) and immune testing to “ diagnose “ the reason for the IVF failure !

This makes no sense to me. Why would the doctor wait for an IVF  cycle to fail before advising these tests, if they were really useful ? After all, it’s in the doctor’s best interests that his patients get pregnant !

The good news is that patients are now getting smart enough to understand that when a doctor changes his tune after the failure, this often means that they are covering up the truth, and not being open and transparent with them .

The problem is that once they have had a bad experience with one IVF doctor, they don't trust any other IVF doctors either !


Thursday, January 21, 2021

The older man and his fertility


Many older man worry about their fertility .

They know that a woman's fertility declines as she gets older , and therefore they are naturally concerned that their fertility will decline as well .

However, the reason a woman's fertility declines as she gets older is because her ovaries stop producing new eggs after birth . This means she starts running out of eggs as she ages. When her eggs run out , she becomes menopausal .

However, the testis is designed very differently.

The seminiferous  tubules in the testes continuously producing sperm daily, no matter whether the man is 25 or 95 . This is why the freshly produced sperm will remain healthy and will be able to fertilize an egg .

This is why Charlie Chaplin was able to impregnate his wife even at the age of 73 !

This is why men don’t need to worry about the effect of their age on their fertility.

Yes, a Google search will show papers which say that older men have an increased risk of being infertile, but this is just a statistical increase, and it's not because there's a problem with the sperm quality . It’s usually because of the pedestrian reason that as a man ages, he ends up having sex less frequently , and this is what causes his fertility to apparently decline .

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Thursday, December 31, 2020

IVF Tales IVF doctors spin - how IVF patients can protect themselves from being taken for a ride

IVF doctors often take their IVF patients for a ride when the IVF cycle fails.

They do this because they're not very medically competent  themselves, but refuse to share the truth about their lack of experience and expertise with the patient . They protect themselves by spinning all kinds of stories and take advantage of the patient's vulnerability and ignorance.

They get away with this because patients don't bother to arm themselves with Information Therapy , and because they continue to trust doctors blindly , they believe everything the doctor says .

The doctor transfers the blame to the patient by cooking up all kinds of fanciful explanations as to why the cycle failed. They cloak this in impenetrable medical jargon, to hide the truth. For example, they claim that the high level sperm DNA fragmentation resulted in poor quality embryos; or that the “uterus was hostile”; or that the patient has “latent genital TB”. 

By blaming the patient for the IVF failure , they make matters even worse for the poor patient. Infertile patients have low self-esteem , and after the IVF failure , their self-esteem becomes even worse. The reality is that the reason the IVF cycle fails is because it was done in a poor quality clinic which couldn't create good quality embryos, ,but doctors refuse to be honest about this, and hide the truth by refusing to share embryo photos with the patient.

They then try to sell even more expensive treatment options, such as donor egg IVF and surrogacy, from which they can earn more money, even though these aren't the right treatment for the patient.

Rather than give up all hope and continue blaming themselves for their bad luck, all IVF patients need to do to get pregnant is to find a doctor who tells them the truth - a better doctor , who is transparent, open, answerable, accountable and respectful, rather than one who continues to lie to them.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

How IVF patients can protect themselves from bad IVF doctors


IVF patients who've done an IVF cycle in other clinics are very reluctant to repeat another IVF cycle. In their mind , all doctors are created equal , so they are naturally skeptical about whether Dr Malpani is really any better than their prior IVF clinic ? Their unasked question is – What makes Malpani Infertility Clinic better than anyone else ?

Their confidence in IVF doctors has been shaken up . As we know, at the first consultation , every IVF doctor is in sell model. The doctor is on their best behavior , and is willing to make lots of tall promises  to lure the patient to sign up, so they can make money from the patient. However, when the cycle fails, they become unapproachable , and patients feel abandoned and cheated. They refuse to trust any other doctor, because they fail to realize that not all doctors are created equal.

One of the biggest reasons for their angst is that they feel the doctor has let them down. They don't share information with them; they don't provide satisfying explanations for why the cycle failed ; and they will offer additional options like using donor eggs or doing surrogacy, which sounds like upselling to the patient. These treatment options are much more expensive , and often not acceptable to the patients . Patients aren't fools. They know that they are being taken for a ride , because they can sense that the doctor is hiding the truth from them, now that the cycle has failed. Even worse, they realise that they were cheated because the doctor did not follow best global practices, and did not provide them with photos of their embryos.

This is why it’s very hard for us to explain to patients why we're better – a burnt child dreads the fire, and they are unwilling to try a new doctor, because they are disenchanted with the medical profession because of their poor experience.

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Saturday, December 26, 2020

When infertile couples are too tired to have baby making sex


One of the elephants in the room is that many infertile couples in modern metropolises are childless not because they have a medical problem , but because they just don't have the energy to be able to have sex at the right time . They are so busy and stressed out that they don’t have any energy left by the time they come home at night. All they want to do is eat, watch TV and flop into bed and sleep – and then they are forced to start the grind again the next day.

They can’t find either the time, energy or desire to have sex – and the problem is compounded when both partners are working ! The only time they can plan sex is on the weekends – but this is the time they have to do their weekly shores and perform their social obligations. Even worse, the wife’s “fertile time”  won’t always conveniently fall on the weekend either !

Here are four simple solutions you can use to overcome this problem.

1.       Have a quickie in the morning. You often have an early morning erection , and you can shower together , to set the mood . Plus, it’s a great way to stat the day !

2.       Use a lubricant such as liquid paraffin, which is sperm friendly.

3.       Use sexual toys to add spice back in your sex life

4.       Watch films which turn you on to get you in the mood.

Finally, remember that going to a doctor for medical treatment is expensive ! If you can seduce your wife, you'll save a lot of money, so hopefully that will incentivize you !

Making IVF affordable at Malpani IVF clinic through the EMI option

IVF treatment can be expensive and can create a considerable financial burden. This is the reason we have now tied up with CreditFair to offer interest-free EMI options to our patients.

This makes IVF much more affordable for patients who are not able to  pay up a large amount of money upfront , but can do so over a period of 6-9 months. Because your payments are spread out over a period of time , you can do the IVF now, and don't have to waste precious months waiting to be able to afford an IVF cycle . Not only is waiting extremely frustrating , your chances of getting pregnant keep on dropping as you get older. 

When you use the CreditFair EMI option, you don't have to bear any additional interest burden at all - we pay this for you. This means you end up paying exactly the same amount, but over a period of six - nine months, which makes it much more feasible for you to do your IVF treatment now, rather than having to postpone it.

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Friday, December 25, 2020

What if everything you thought you knew about IVF is wrong ? The truth about IVF

 We're very happy to treat patients who know a lot about IVF, which is why we prescribe so much information therapy on our website . Our videos and IVF comic book are designed to educate and empower patients, so they understand more about IVF.

One of the problems is that when patients who have failed an IVF cycle in another clinic come to us, they often feel that they know a lot about IVF , because they've already done IVF treatment in the past.

The problem is that a lot of the things they think they know about IVF are wrong !

This is because their IVF doctor has never bothered to educate them , or explain the technical and medical details to them. Most doctors do a lot of unnecessary tests , and overtreat patients with unproven experimental approaches. Our approach is very different. It's much more simplified , more down-to-, earth and much more practical. We are frugal, and don't do unnecessary tests. We don't make patients waste money, and try to educate patients so they know exactly what to expect. We explain to them in advance what the right way of doing things is , and we share a written treatment plan well in advance , so there aren’t any surprises .

They are in control because they have been told exactly what's going to happen , and when and why. We also document everything we do , including giving photographs of embryos routinely to all our patients. This way, patients are in control of their cycle, and this gives them considerable peace of mind.

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How sequential embryo transfers reduce IVF pregnancy rates


Many clinics do sequential embryo transfers for their patients , claiming that this helps to increase pregnancy rates. This means they transfer some embryos on day 3 , and then transfer some more embryos on day 5. Patients are happy because they naively believe that the more the embryos which are transferred, the better their chances of getting pregnant. They believe that this option allows them to have their cake and eat it too.

Actually, this technique is the hallmark of a poor quality clinic . The very fact that the clinic needs to do sequential transfers means they're not confident that they can grow embryos to day 5 in their IVF lab, so they are using this strategy to try to hedge their bets.

Also, this option actually reduces pregnancy rates . For one thing, it increases the risk of a multiple pregnancies because you're transferring too many embryos inside the uterus. If both the day 3 and the day 5 embryos implant , you would end up with a multiple pregnancy, which poses a huge risk to the newborn babies , because of the danger of prematurity .

Even worse, because the doctor has used up all your embryos for the fresh transfer, there are no spare embryos left for freezing. This means, if the cycle fails, you have to start a fresh cycle all over again, and this is much more expensive than doing a frozen cycle.

Sequential transfer reduces the overall cumulative conception rate , and the tragedy is that doctors are pushing patients into doing this because they are not confident about their lab.

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Thursday, December 24, 2020

How do I use the Malpani Baby Kit for Self Insemination ?

The Malpani Self Insemination Baby Kit has become very popular, and many couples are using it to treat themselves in the privacy of their bedroom.

 Here are answers to some queries patients have.

1. As per the instruction manual, we need to keep the semen in the container for 15-30 minutes to liquefy. Will that affect the sperm quality or motility in any way.


2. After the semen is collected in the container , should we store it a cool place until next 30 minutes or so until we start the procedure.

No. The cold is not good good for sperm. Please keep this at room temp 

3. Can my wife use the pipette to inject the sperm herself ? 


4. How do we make sure the pipette position is correct as i see its quite flexible and the position of the pipette can go wrong during insertion.

As long as its going in the vagina, that's fine . The sperm will swim and find their way through the cervix to the egg. They are deigned as effective guided missiles !

5. Can we use the pipette without the speculum . 

Yes, you can. The speculum is optional

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