Thursday, May 06, 2021

The Paradox of Unexplained Infertility - Treatment is Easier than Diagnosis! [Video]


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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

The endometrium and infertility - what every infertile couple needs to know about the uterine lining

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

How we check if your frozen Blastocysts are live before transferring them ? - Dr. Sai, Chief Embryologist, Malpani Infertility Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

We routinely use Vitrification Technique  to rapidly freeze  Blastocysts for all our Patients.

When you come back for your Embryo Transfer ,  we thaw 1 blastocyst at a time,  and then transfer this back to your uterus. Thawing and transferring just 1 blastocyst allows us to extend the number of chances that you have to get pregnant with just one fresh Egg Collection and ICSI/IVF procedure. This increases your cumulative conception rate, and maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

Freezing (Vitrifying ) Blastoycsts are often considered challenging due to their Size, Structure and presence of Blastocoelic Cavity.

We have been vitrifying Blastocysts for many years now , and we routinely get a 100% Survival rate when we thaw them

When we freeze, the Expanded blastocysts are artificially collapsed using a laser pulse , to remove water from the blastocyst. This dehydration process is important as it Eliminates the risk of ice crystal formation completely, which can harm the cells . 

When we artificially collapse the blastocyst by giving a laser pulse between the 2 trophectoderm cells, the water comes out and all the cells shrink, which makes the vitrification process easier as it reduces the exposure time to the cryopectants.

Hence , when we vitrify the blastocysts , they are usually in a collapsed state during cryostorage . When we thaw them, they remain collapsed during the thawing process and then slowly re-expand with few hours of incubation post thaw.

As you can see in the picture, the blastocyst which was fully expanded before freezing, was artificially collapsed before being vitrified. It remained collapsed post thawing . We then allowed it to remain in culture in the incubator at 37 C.  During this time, it expanded back fully after a few hours of incubation. The re expansion usually takes about 1 hour. but usually the blastocysts are incubated for 3-4 hours before transferring them, to allow them to recover from the process of thawing.

The fact that the blastocyst has re-expanded is convincing proof that these cells and viable, and this is a healthy blastocyst, which has a good chance of implanting. Today, sadly many clinics fool patients by transferring blastocysts which have died after the thaw. Please don’t let your doctor fool you !


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

IVF Video - How IVF labs cheat patients by issuing wrong semen analysis reports


The easy shortcut to finding the right IVF clinic


IVF patients know that one of the most important decisions they need to make is how to find the right IVF Clinic .

This is a simple 3-step process . It’s tempting to take shortcuts and go to the nearest clinic, or the cheapest one, but this can be dangerous !

First, you need to use your head and deploy Information Therapy, so you understand your medical diagnosis, and what your treatment options are. Do you need ICSI ? TESA ? donor eggs ? Please don’t underestimate your own intelligence – you are smart, and if you don’t understand what the doctor is saying, this means the doctor is too dumb to explain it in simple language !

You then need to confirm the clinic provides this treatment. You can easily find this information online, or by email or a phone call, so use these tools to create a shortlist.

The next step is harder. You need to use your heart , so you can judge which of the doctors you have listed is right for you. This is where your gut feeling and intuition become important !

The doctor who was right for your friend may not be right for you – one size cannot fit all !

Let’s see a real life example of how this works out.

Start by emailing the clinic and see how quickly they respond to your emails. The other test of their professionalism is to phone the clinic, and assess how helpful the secretary is. Good doctors hire good receptionists, who treat patients with respect !

You only need to find out the answer to a single medical question -  do they routinely provide photos of embryos to all their patients , and whether they do only blastocyst transfers . If they refuse to answer this question, this in itself is a Red Flag , and you should definitely stay away from the clinic ! If the receptionist doesn’t know what a blastocyst is , this means the clinic is not a good one , because they haven’t invested in educating their staff.

You need to short list at least two IVF clinics , and then do a consultation with both. Interview the doctor , so you can judge if the doctor will treat you with respect . Is the chemistry between you and the doctor good ?

Thus, by checking both the doctor’s competence as well as whether you like the way he thinks and reassures you, you will be able to choose the clinic which is right for you. Please don’t let someone else make this decision for you


Thursday, April 22, 2021

How IVF clinics fool patients by transferring dead embryos

 A patient who had just failed an IVF cycle asked me for a second opinion

I asked her to share the photos of her embryos, and this is what she emailed me

These embryos are clearly dead. The cells are dead , dark and necrotic. It has arrested and is not going to develop any further.

The thawing process has killed the blastocyst, perhaps because the embryologist was not skilled enough to freeze embryos well.

However, instead of telling the patient the truth, the doctor lied, and transferred these dead blastocysts back to the uterus, in order to make money.

And IVF doctors can get away with this kind of malpractice because patients don't know enough to be able to ask questions.

At least this doctor shared embryo photos.

The vast majority of IVF clinics don't even bother to do this !

This is why many patients continue to suffer from failed IVF cycles

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