Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Healthwise “Gray” Paper:How the Baby Boomers Can Save Healthcare

A Healthwise “Gray” Paper:How the Baby Boomers Can Save Healthcare " In the context of a complex system, it sometimes takes a
few simple rules and tools to break out of the old patterns. The Ix Solution rules and tools can create the disruptive innovation needed to reinvent health care in a more positive and cost effective way.

3 Rules
#1 The Self-Care Rule. Help Boomers do as much for themselves as they can.
#2 The Guidelines Rule. Help Boomers ask for the health care that they need.
#3 The Veto Rule. Help Boomers say “No” to care they don't need.

3 Tools for Health Care Transformation

Self-Service Tools: 24-7 access to health information, symptom checkers, and decision aids in self-care guides and on Web sites.
Information Prescription Tools: Short information prescriptions “prescribed” to patients by their doctors or health plans at every “moment in care.”
Long-Term Engagement Tools: Ongoing, interactive programs that are personalized and targeted to meet each individual’s self-management needs over time."

A great way to convert problems into opportunities !

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