Thursday, October 25, 2007

About - Comparison Shopping for Health Products

About - Comparison Shopping for Health Products: "HealthPricer Interactive Limited is leading the way in comparison shopping for consumer healthcare products. is a top destination site for finding and buying healthcare products from a comprehensive list of trusted merchants across the web. Focusing solely on consumer healthcare products, HealthPricer offers shoppers great benefits such as simplified product search, accurate merchant ratings and reviews, detailed product information and discount prices - an unparalleled time & money saving experience for online shoppers. is a one-stop comparison engine where consumers can find, compare and buy the best health products such as prescription drugs, contact lenses, non-prescription medicine and supplies, vitamin and nutritional supplements, and beauty and personal care products online at the best discount prices available. We take responsibility for the products we refer consumers to and ensure that all of the online retailers we provide access to are legitimate, quality companies."


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM is another site where you can compare up-to-date prices on over 13,000 medications being sold by around 50 of the Internet's largest and most reputable pharmacies. extends users the ability to search for brand and generic drugs alphabetically, by name or keyword, or by using drop down menus to view the most popular drugs and by drug category. RxPop features a fresh look and feel that incorporates an intuitive, user-friendly navigation and "Call to Action" graphics to help guide visitors through is among the Internet's most recognized and fastest emerging Pharmaceutical/Health brands.

  2. Anonymous7:46 PM

    I have used and they are a big rip off...They will "Pop" your wallet!

    If you want to use someone that doesn't charge a fee, then use

    They are very trustworthy and their information is neatly organized into an easy-to-use search engine. just has a list of Canadian pharmacies so it's very time consuming finding your meds.

  3. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I recommend night and day over that other site! It's clearly a better application. I hear they're getting ready to reveal a new app. Anyone know anything about this? I'm anxious to see what does. I've been following their success all the way through. I know the guy that owns the site. He owns tons of sites. He was like one of the first guys operating on the Web from what I've heard. I hear he's very well connected. I'd bet is going to get bought out eventually. They are thriving in a very bureautic and regulated marketplace, and might I add doing the best job in my opinion!

  4. Anonymous8:19 AM

    big company yes, but for a little guy who never once signed up with them, they sent me a message ..not only a message but a "do not reply" type to which I cannot dispute. I was charged for a subscription by them on my credit card, my address, all my details, and without my knowledge. I KNOW YOU WILL NOT PRINT THIS, BUT SOMETIMES WE LITTLE PEOPLE HAVE TO SPEAK OUT. I AM SENDING MESSAGES TO ALL REFERENCES I CAN FIND ABOUT AND ON RXPOP STATING MY CASE. BELOW IS THE LETTER I HAVE SENT THEM:
    You sent me an email and a receipt with all the correct information on it stating that I had signed up with you for a subscription. I wrote back stating that I did not do so and did not know how you got my email address, home address, and credit card info. I asked for a refund and your do not reply Risk Management group declined my request and dismissed my claim. I will not stop looking on the world wide web for references on you and I will state my case. this will be to editors of all rx drug info magazines, articles on you, etc. I will not cease.
    roy mitchell


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