Sunday, October 28, 2007

Communication now part of the cure -

Communication now part of the cure - "Retired Boston physician Jonathan Fine became a patient advocate in 2004 when he realized communication between doctor and patient is often the first casualty of a major illness. Miscommunication puts patients at greater risk of becoming victims of preventable medical errors, according to a report this year by the Joint Commission, a national hospital accreditation organization. And the Institute of Medicine reports that medical errors cause up to 98,000 deaths a year."

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  1. Anonymous1:36 AM

    The Joint Commission has broken the law for the last 50 years...since they were endowed with accrediting hospitals, setting and enforcing standards. They have, by their own addmisssion, rarely if ever enforced standards...but pontificate on the virtures of this or that...but without teeth...which they were deliberately given by the Feds in 1965.

    Do NOT praise the unworthy!

    Jim Goldberg


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