Friday, October 12, 2007

PHR: Critical Challenges for the Federal Government

PHR: Critical Challenges for the Federal Government: "What is the government's vision for empowering consumers, and how will it be translated into policies and programs? * Empowering consumers for health self-management The personal health record is just part of a much broader trend in policy, technology and health care toward greater attention to and responsibility by the consumer. While PHRs may be an instrument to achieve many governmental goals—quality improvement, cost savings and system reform, to name a few—above all our interviewees stress their importance for helping people manage their health. PHRs are envisioned as the gateway and organizing application for all of consumers' personal health management activities. Importantly, these activities transcend the medical model and the relationships between the consumer and the health care system. They also encompass consumers' decisions and record-keeping about health behaviors, prevention activities, chronic disease, health-related administrative and financial matters and more, for themselves and their families. Most observers believe that the personal health record cannot be detached from these broader personal health management functions. "

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