Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Innovative ideas in healthcare - how to generate them !

Innovative ideas in healthcare - how to generate them !

1. Patient Healthcare Advocate – “Health Buddy”.
Phone and on-site credentialed clinical advocacy services to patients and their family
members sold as a voluntary benefit through employers and to individuals. This helps
put patients more confidently in charge of their care because of access to an
educated advocate.

2. Global Research Network Use electronic medical records to identify potential subjects for clinical research. More rapid access to a broader and more diverse patient population by researchers should accelerate clinical trials, reduce costs, increase drug safety and medical practice innovation and population-wide surveillance.

3. Health Key Providers and other stewards of patient healthcare information use a secure “key” to identify an individual patient’s data. Making those “keyed” data available outside of firewalls gives patients web access to their records anywhere in the world when they need it.

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