Saturday, October 20, 2007

Google says working to solve health record dilemma -

Google says working to solve health record dilemma: "Google started out two years ago on a service called Google Co-op. This taps various expert organizations to categorize high-quality health and other information, to make it easier to search and find on the Web, Mayer said. She said the scale of health-related information is huge, with an estimated 2 billion X-rays alone created every year. The Silicon Valley company also is looking at creating a special layer of doctor and medical-related locations on its online Google Maps service. This could help people find local doctors, understand their specialties or related practitioners. Mayer said personal health records might be stored on a keychain-sized digital storage dongle and protected by passwords. This would allow a consumer to travel around the world and supply their medical records to local doctors in a secure fashion."

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