Thursday, October 11, 2007

Playing Digital Storytelling in Public Health | storybuilders

Playing Digital Storytelling in Public Health | storybuilders: "Public Health professionals have put digital stories to work, using them to improve provider knowledge and to help communities talk about health care issues. As part of a grant to investigate maternal depression among the Cambodian population in Lowell, MA, for example, Storybuilders has worked with graduate students from the Boston University School of Public Health to gather stories from Lowell community members about the causes of their depression and their strategies for negotiating this depression. Stories like Courtney's can teach health care providers about the culturally-complex causes of depression. These stories are also valuable as outreach tools, and have been used to get groups of women in the Lowell community talking about depression, which is a hidden and seldom-discussed topic."

This is such a great idea ! Patients can use the cameras on their mobiles to tell their own digital stories ! I am sure many of these would be eye-openers for doctors !

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