Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Clever Networks Transforms Chronic Disease Management

Clever Networks Transforms Chronic Disease Management: "Precedence Health Care's Chronic Disease Management Network, CDM-Net: ABroadband Health Network for Transforming Chronic Disease Management, will use broadband to transform the management of chronic disease thanks to $2 million in funding by the Australian Government. CDM-Net will create a network of health services for monitoring and supporting care management. 'Chronic illness requires close monitoring and ongoing management across an entire team of care professionals,' Senator Coonan said. 'People suffering from chronic disease need to be provided with a care plan, detailing medications, treatments, tests, and referrals tailored to their specific circumstances, and CDM-Net will facilitate that. CDM-Net will use secure broadband services to connect healthcare providers to one another and to their patients. It will assist healthcare providers create and track care plans for their chronically ill patients and support patients in their adherence to care plans through electronic reminders and alerts. 'The network will improve care coordination by sharing information on patient care across the entire care team,' Senator Coonan said."

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