Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Tale of Two Doctors « Customers Rock!

A Tale of Two Doctors « Customers Rock!: "-WOM (Word of Mouth) referrals mean nothing if the customer experience is poor. The first doctor was a referral from my friend. I trusted that this would be a good doctor. However, the customer service we had (long wait for phone, surly phone agent, no appointment) discouraged us greatly. I found out that the person who answered the phone was a call center rep that answered calls for all the clinics in this particular physican’s network. A nurse from the office called me later in the day to chastise me for not taking the “new patient intake” appointment as they are apparently very difficult to come by. When I told her I wasn’t sure I wanted to have a doctor that was this busy, she told me all their doctors were very busy. I told her that was fine, and we would find another doctor! - You can hear a smile over the phone. Just by listening to the lady from the second doctor, I could actually hear her smile; she sounded glad to be talking to a potential new patient. I felt welcome! This is important for anyone representing your company by phone, including not just customer service but also sales and marketing.

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