Saturday, October 27, 2007


CureHunter: "The CureHunter Discovery Engine is the world's only fully unified and integrated numeric index of all known drugs, biologically active agents, diseases and empirical statements of all effective clinical outcomes published in the United States National Library of Medicine. The engine you are accessing online right now computes: 121,000 drug and biological agent data points X 11,600 diseases X 15,000,000 peer-reviewed research articles X several hundred thousand additional variables of Gene, Protein, Enzyme, Hormone, Growth Factor, Ligand, Kinase, Receptor, Inhibitor and other important small biologically active molecules. The CureHunter Engine essentially defines the Clinical Outcome in cross-comparable numerical weights for all successful agents and allows discovery clustering and pattern finding that illuminate both pathogeneses and cures."

I like their philosophy of empowering patients with access to this information.

As they put it ---

" I am not technically trained, should I be using CureHunter at all? And can I understand it?

Don't underrate yourself. As a general rule we believe it is fundamentally good for patients to become knowledgeable about the diseases life may throw at them and the medicines they are advised to take. Often by reading extensively, participating in their patient associations, and talking to others with their condition, patients can support the efforts of their doctors to help them get well. You may, for example, become aware of signs and symptoms that help your physician refine your diagnosis. You may note particular side effects--sometimes very subtle--of medications you are taking that would cause your physician to change your prescription. And with serious study, you may even develop insights to new cures. Only you really know the patterns of your daily life, the stresses put on you by work or school or family or play; the daily
choices of food and medicines you consume. You are your own best instrument and always monitoring your good health as well as your illnesses and the aches, pains, and dysfunction they bring with them. The more aware you are of your own body and behaviors, the more likely it is you can bring good information to your physician and team up with him or her. The fact that you have ordered a CureHunter Patient Summary Report means that you are already a "patient activist" for your own best health. To use this report well, however, you must have a general understanding of the science and methods that produced the data contained here. That said, CureHunter is very different from most "consumer health information" resources you might find on the Internet or at your public library. Because CureHunter does not rewrite (or water down) the technical medical articles for "consumer consumption," in many cases the actual "key statements of outcome" shown in your Summary Report will be very difficult to understand because they are
directly extracted from the peer-reviewed scientific literature and are quoted without modification. This "control on original sources" is critical so that similar findings can be counted, and most importantly repeated patterns in many thousands of clinical observations can be analyzed for how those patterns shed light on both the causes and cures for human diseases. In the final analysis, even if you are technically trained in one area of science, this is pretty complicated work. And that is why we recommend you take printed versions of your CureHunter Patient Summary Report to your physician. Talk about the data
together and see what your doctor thinks. You may wish to discuss your report with your pharmacist, too. Or if you have friends or associates in the biological sciences or in your patient association, ask them for their opinions. Getting well is a team effort. No one, "knows it all" with over 200,000 new research articles published each year."

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