Monday, October 15, 2007

BestMed Journeys

BestMed Journeys: "What particularly impressed me in India, however, was the superior level of care and hospitality which existed in many hospitals and clinics throughout the country. The reason medical travelers would come to India became clear. In India, medical travelers: 1) spend significantly less money for their medical care 2) have greater access to doctors (no waiting for hours on end in doctors’ waiting rooms) and a greater ability to speak directly with doctors (Indian doctors willingly spend time with their patients) 3) could have certain procedures not readily available in the U.S. and/or 4) have the option to convalesce in a remote, relaxing and comfortable environment – all of this while expanding one’s horizons and experiencing India’s intriguing culture. But the hospitals needed a company to give western patients the comforts they’re used to and lead them through the challenges that going abroad entails."

Here's a great idea which provides US citizens with the best of both worlds !

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