Sunday, October 28, 2007

Medical Banking - Dr Stephen Parente

Medical Banking - Dr Stephen Parente " I’m very excited about the prospects of medical banking. What intrigues me most is the integration of medical banking and person health records (PHR). There are three elements of vision of medical banking:
- Personal health records (PHR) are a portable resource that patients and their families can use for the long term.
- Patients will use PHR technology as a critical resource for health improvement, prevention, and long term medical care affordability.
- PHR will give patients emergency access to critical information and allow the record to be customized to clearly define their preferences for treatment. For example, pregnant mothers can clearly identify their delivery preference. A delivering OB/GYN still can counter the patient’s preference for the safety of the mother, but there would be no ambiguity about the mother’s wishes. Likewise, patients who want their organs donated in the case of mortal injury could make their preferences known.

The technology platform that appears to be emerging for medical banking is the integrated health card solutions. Several insurers have been experimenting with this technology. Of the early adopters Exante Bank of United Health Groups appears to have made significant progress in developing a product as well as a client base for a early for of this platform know as an integrate health care (IHC) technology."

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