Saturday, October 20, 2007

CNN - Study says doctors will lie to get best patient care

CNN - Study says doctors will lie to get best patient care : "Would doctors, frustrated by managed health-care programs with strict coverage limits, lie to deliver the best-quality care for patients? A new study indicates many would. 'When it comes down to something like a nose job or a rhinoplasty, only 3 percent said they would do it. But for very significant things like whether or not they thought a bypass was indicated, and it was being withheld, over 50 percent were willing to endorse fudging the data,' said Dr. Daniel Sulmasy, one of the study's researchers. According to the report, published in this week's Archives of Internal Medicine, many also would lie to obtain what they consider important diagnostic tests -- like mammographies for patients who need them. "We asked whether the physician would be willing to write on the sheet 'suspicious breast lump,' and more than a third of physicians were willing to do that," said Sulmasy, who works in the Department of Ethics at St. Vincents Hospital and Medical Center in New York.

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