Sunday, October 28, 2007

SEC Info - Athenahealth Inc - S-1/A - On 8/31/07

SEC Info - Athenahealth Inc - S-1/A - On 8/31/07: "The dynamic and increasingly complex healthcare market requires an integrated solution to effectively manage the reimbursement and clinical landscape. We believe we are the first company to integrate internet-based software, a continually updated database of payer reimbursement process rules and back-office service operations into a single internet-based business service for physician practices.

We deliver these services at each critical step in the revenue and clinical cycle workflow through a combination of software, knowledge and work:

• Software. athenaNet, our proprietary internet-based practice management and EMR application, is a workflow management tool used in every work step that is required to properly handle billing, collections and medical record management-related functions. All users across our client-base simultaneously use the same version of our software application, which connects them to our continually updated database of payer rules and to our services team.

• Knowledge. athenaRules, our proprietary database of payer rules, enforces physician office workflow requirements, and is continually updated with payer-specific coding and documentation information. This knowledge continues to grow as a result of our years of experience managing back office service operations for hundreds of physician practices, including processing medical claims with tens of thousands of health benefit plans.

• Work. The athenahealth service operations, consisting of nearly 400 people in the United States, and more than 700 people at our off-shore service provider, interact with clients at all key steps of the revenue and clinical cycle workflow. These operations include setting up medical providers for billing, checking the eligibility of scheduled patients electronically, submitting electronic and paper-based claims to payers directly or through intermediaries, processing clinical orders, receiving and processing checks and remittance information from payers, documenting the result of payers’ responses and evaluating and resubmitting claims denials. "

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