Saturday, October 06, 2007

PureWellness : The #1 online Wellness Plan for Fitness, Nutrition and Diet.

PureWellness : The #1 online Wellness Plan for Fitness, Nutrition and Diet.: "The demand for wellness services are growing by over 80% per year, on account of the ever increasing costs of health care. You can help your employer organizations and expand your service options quickly and easily with the PureWellness eWellness platform. We boast the highest ROI in the industry on account of our internet based delivery and scalable platform. The PureWellness eWellness platform is optimized to quickly and easily deploy for your member companies. Commencing with our online statistical HRA, PureWellness doesn't just assess the health of your insured population, but also provides the tools to help mitigating health problems and prevent them from entering into a disease state. We want to catch them before them become a disease management case. How our Application Benefits Benefit Administrators, EAP providers, TPA's PureWellness provides custom tailored online programs to help employees live fitter and healthier lives. From creating better employee moral, and increasing productivity, to reducing turnover and sick days, our approach to wellness benefits all participants. The biggest reason to partner with us isn't just to benefit your employees though, but the ultimate goal of getting a handle on and reducing escalating health insurance costs."

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