Friday, October 26, 2007

Medicine on demand -

Medicine on demand : "'Video has always been an incredible educational tool, but the Web in the past didn't support it,' says Nan Forte, executive vice president for consumer services at WebMD, a popular medical site. Now, health-information consumers are demanding online video and getting it.

•General medical sites from WebMD to are expanding their video libraries. At the Mayo site, you can see how to do a biceps curl, inject insulin and check your blood pressure. At WebMD, a mix of expert interviews, patient stories and news pieces grows by the day.
•Sites devoted to specific disorders are adding video, too. The American Cancer Society ( features videos on its campaign to increase access to cancer care. Autism Speaks ( offers a set of videos that show the early signs of autism. Videos on seizures and their treatment can be found at
•A revamped eMedTV site, coming soon, will be built around 1,200 short videos that explain procedures, disorders and medications. Many of the videos have been used in major hospitals to inform patients before they consent to treatment, says the site's developer, physician Art Schoenstadt.
•Video bloggers ('vloggers') are sharing their own health stories "

And you can see our library of healthcare videos at !

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