Monday, October 15, 2007

BestMed Journeys

BestMed Journeys: "Medical travel is different for everyone. Some people seek the lowest cost for everything, while others desire a 'sky is the limit' approach. Most medical travelers are somewhere in the middle. Fortunately, as a medical traveler, you have many options which means much of your budget will depend on your personal preferences (i.e. Must you stay in a 5-star hotel, a 4-star hotel, or do you prefer more economical lodging? Will you hire a private nurse for a few hours a day, 24-7, or will having one on call suffice? Do you want privately catered meals, or do you plan to eat whatever the hotel/local restaurants serve, even if it's not quite the bland food your doctors will recommend following surgery?) When planning your budget, don't forget to include the costs of your companion. Many of your expenses can be shared (lodging before and after treatment, taxis), but others will be separate (airfare, laundry, meals). In either case, once you've selected your companion, the two of you should agree what companion related expenses you're paying for, if not all."

Very useful check list for medical travellers !

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