Sunday, October 28, 2007

iGuard Drug Interactions, Risk Ratings and Safety Alerts

iGuard Drug Interactions, Risk Ratings and Safety Alerts: "iGuard is the fastest and easiest way to learn about the safety of your medicines. And, by keeping your iGuard profile up-to-date, you can help the FDA and other researchers identify problems faster than ever. iGuard is a powerful communication and research tool designed to: 1. Alert you and your doctor (if you choose) about important safety information for the drugs you are taking. 2. Distribute risk ratings that help you understand your risk today, and in the future as new safety information emerges. 3. Facilitate communication between you and your doctor about medication risks and monitoring. 4. Provide an easily accessible summary of your health to use in coordinating care across all your doctors. 5. Help researchers identify safety problems faster. 6. Support family members and caregivers who are responsible for monitoring the safety of others."

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