Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Consumer Reports Medical Guide - How to make the best decisions about treatment

Consumer Reports Medical Guide - How to make the best decisions about treatment: "Every treatment has trade-offs. The best treatment for you may be different from the best treatment for your friend or neighbor. We all have individual needs, and different things are important to each of us. If you play a part in making decisions about your treatment, you are likely to recover quicker than if you do not.1 It is even more important to take part in making decisions when doctors do not know which treatment is best for you. Doctors should base their treatment decisions on what the research tells them. If your doctor knows what the research says about how to treat a condition and uses this information to make decisions about treatment, then he or she is practicing evidence-based medicine. This is a good way to practice medicine because it means your doctor is using evidence from medical studies that have looked at what happens to many thousands of people. Key points to remember when choosing treatments
* Check out all your choices.
* Make sure you understand the risks and benefits of treatments or of doing nothing.
* Make sure you understand how the risks and benefits will affect you specifically.
* Make sure you have enough information to make a choice."

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  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Hello, I like your blog very much. I think that it is very important to stand your consumer rights. You never know when and what company is going to offend you and you have to know what to do in case you have some misunderstandings with a retailer or any other company. It is also very useful to read Consumer Reports to get to know other people’s experience in this or that situation.


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