Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Collaborating to enhance patient education and recovery

Collaborating to enhance patient education and recovery: "The paper describes a collaborative project between librarians and health care staff to enhance patient recovery by distributing educational videos and evaluating the acceptability of this “information intervention.”

Background: On inpatient units, nurses experience decreased time to teach patients. Text handouts do not include multimedia information, and reading levels may limit comprehension. Because the postoperative period is not the optimal time for patient instruction, another format and opportunity for postsurgical instruction was needed.

Methods: Nurses, therapists, educators, and librarians partnered to select a video designed for home viewing by discharged patients. It was added to the existing text-based educational program for coronary patients. An evaluation component was incorporated into this collaboration.

Results: The library's role extended to all aspects of the program's implementation and management. The library's circulation system was used to coordinate borrowing with minimal loss. Ongoing preparation of the video materials for distribution and return remained a library function, and the evaluation component showed patients' positive reception of the video.

Discussion: Patients received a greater amount of information to enhance self-care during the recovery period without consuming more nursing time. Video circulation and reuse enhanced cost effectiveness of the program, and patients benefited from the library's resources.

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