Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Interactive Patient Care for Hospitalised Patients

Interactive Patient Care for Hospitalised Patients: "Inova Fair Oaks implemented an IPC system directly at the patients' bedside. It guides patients through their hospital stay, providing access to the people and resources they need to have an optimal care experience. The system brings a host of education, entertainment, and communication technologies to the bedside via hospital room television monitors.

With the system in place, the staff had a tool that communicated the patients' needs in realtime. Because the feedback is automated to go to the appropriate department (such as environmental, engineers, or food service employees), staff members are directly connected to patient care. Furthermore, since the appropriate department is alerted of an issue immediately, the problem can be fixed as soon as it is reported. Patients feel more satisfied because they see the staff responding quickly to their needs. This tool is also a great time-saver for the nurses, who no longer need to be the intermediary between the patients' feedback and the staff who can fulfill these."

This makes much more sense than just giving them a TV to watch !

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