Saturday, December 16, 2006

Textbook Revolution: Better Health Care at Half the Cost

Textbook Revolution: Better Health Care at Half the Cost: "This book exposes many failures and successes of our modern health care system. Illustrations of what went wrong and what went right are taken from my personal and surgical experiences over the past fifty years. As the reader considers how and why we failed to control health care costs, she or he will surely think of new ways to achieve better patient outcomes at lower cost. My true tales should interest, amuse and appall. But only through such forthright reports can a lay reader comprehend the countless ways in which our antiquated health-care-review-and-reward-system elicits counter-productive self-serving behaviors from competent, hard-working, well-meaning participants—and how much money is wasted on costly unproven remedies or inefficient ideas like individually sold health insurance."

You can read it free online !

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