Sunday, December 10, 2006

Omnimedix Institute - Personal Health Record Basics

Omnimedix Institute - Personal Health Record Basics : "Personal Health Record (PHR) Principles

Here are some principles to which we at Omnimedix Institute believe PHRs should adhere.
1. Personal

“Let's talk about me.”

Your PHR and the medical information in it should belong to you and not to your employer, your insurance company, your doctor or any other person or institution.
2. Portable

“On the web / On a device / On a five pound block of ice.”

* You should be able to see and use your PHR whenever and wherever you choose.

* You should be able to view your health record on portable devices and over secure internet connections.

3. Private

'Privacy is of the Essence.”

* You control access.

* You decide who sees your medical data and who does not see it.

* Only you can give access control to others.

4. Ready for an Emergency

'Always Prepared'

You should be able to preauthorize access to selected emergency medical information for use when you are unable to give consent.
5. Permanent

“Long Life, Long Memory”

* Safe from Disasters - You should never have to worry about your medical data getting lost or damaged. Your health facts should be encrypted, distributed and redundant."

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