Thursday, December 21, 2006

openEHR Foundation Aims

openEHR Foundation Aims: "openEHR aims to
* promote and publish the formal specification of requirements for representing and communicating electronic health record information, based on implementation experience, and evolving over time as health care and medical knowledge develop;
* promote and publish EHR information architectures, models and data dictionaries, tested in implementations, which meet these requirements;
* manage the sequential validation of the EHR architectures through comprehensive implementation and clinical evaluation;
* maintain open source 'reference' implementations, available under licence, to enhance the pool of available tools to support clinical systems; and
* collaborate with other groups working towards high quality, requirements-based and interoperable health information systems, in related fields of health informatics."

This is the way of the future, as EHRs can help us to improve the way healthcare is delivered !

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