Saturday, December 30, 2006

Vendor to offer web-based EHRs to docs in exchange for data

Vendor to offer web-based EHRs to docs in exchange for data: "Soon there will be a way for physician practices to have electronic health records at no cost, according to Ryan Howard, CEO of Practice Fusion, Inc. , a San Francisco-based company launched last August.

Practice Fusion is poised to announce that it will offer a free, “completely hosted, community-based model” of online access to EHRs, to be subsidized by the selling of de-identified data to insurance groups, clinical researchers and pharmaceutical companies, Howard said.

A key benefit to Practice Fusion’s product will be automatic synchronization, Howard explained. A patient’s records, which will be accessible online by several doctors simultaneously, will be maintained by the web-based host and continually updated in a central location. Howard claims that there will be virtually no start-up cost or inconvenience. "

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