Sunday, December 10, 2006

Healthcare Informatics: April 2006 - Spanning the Globe

Healthcare Informatics: April 2006 - Spanning the Globe: "Lesson #2. Engage physicians and clinicians. Transformation demands that end users participate and contribute their expertise. They need to be involved from the get-go, as in England, helping to define requirements and being engaged as champions of change.

Lesson #4. Adopt standards for interoperability. Although early leaders may have benefited from having a national health service or a single payor, standards are no longer the sticking point they once were. We need to make interoperability between EHRs a top priority. It will not happen just because standards are 'out there.'

Lesson #5. Build a critical mass of users. A national EHR program has to offer technology solutions that meet its users' needs. Whatever the solution, its success depends on having a critical mass of users. Physicians need to have network access and computer systems in their offices -- and not all physicians do."

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