Sunday, December 10, 2006

Medical records mashup would span a lifetime | CNET

Medical records mashup would span a lifetime | CNET "'Right now, maybe I can't change doctors because it's a huge fuss,' he said. 'If I can show up with data that has the most recent history in a format that the doctor can drop straight in his file...that creates an economic effect of competition and striving for service and investment on the part of providers.'

As complicated as the architecture for this type of system is, Kleinke said the bigger challenges are rooted in the bureaucratic and political complexities of the health care system.

'In reality, a lot of health care organizations have every incentive not to share,' he said. 'They want lock-in. They want switching costs. They don't want employees to be able to switch plans.'

Once patients own their own PHR, they won't get "locked in" to their doctor - it'll be much easier for them to get a second opinion and to switch doctors !

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