Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Tech Doctor: Streamline Your Practice With Online Services

The Tech Doctor: Streamline Your Practice With Online Services: "Payers, software providers, and the manufacturers of high-tech gadgets are increasingly teaming up to offer physicians and their staff members online services that can streamline patient care and work flow, saving you time and money and increasing the quality of care you provide. Some of these services include:

# E-prescribing: Electronically generate prescriptions with your EMR and send them directly to a patient's local pharmacy. All your patient needs to do is pick them up.

# Online Pharmacy Services: Using technology certified by an online service, you can check a patient's pharmacy eligibility, his payer's drug formularies, and his medication history — all within a matter of seconds.

# Insurance Verification: Check a patient's insurance coverage before her visit using the practice management software you already own.

# Electronic Remittance: Receive electronic receipts for all claims you submit through an online service offered by some payers and practice management systems."

These online services are going to help doctors improve their bottom-line , which is why they will be adopted very quickly ! As a result of this, many more physicians will start using EMRs to improve the clinical care they provide. Once this happens, PHRs will become increasingly important. Just like your bank statement assesses your financial health, your PHR assesses your medical health - and it's my prediciton that will soon become equally routine !

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