Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gutsy Doctors in India

The Gutsy Doctors in India : "In this part of rural Chhattisgarh, plastic soapcases travel—in thousands. Health workers in remote villages hand them over to schoolchildren, who walk them to the highway, where a bus driver collects them on his daily route, and honks loudly outside a medical centre in village Ganiyari. Lab staff here know what they have to do. Examine under a microscope the blood smears contained in the cases, and send back the result—malaria positive, or negative. By the same route, in the same soapcase.

The people behind this amazing scheme aren't short of ideas. Their Jan Swasthya Sansthan (JSS) in Ganiyari buzzes with energy and inventiveness—a Rs 40 safe-baby delivery pack, diagnostic kits, cheap drugs, outreach clinics deep in sal forests where a tribal woman 100 km away from a motorable road can see a doctor, get her blood tested, and take home medicines at one go."

These doctors can teach the rest of the world a lot ! How to provide quality healthcare with love and devotion - for a fraction of the cost !

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