Monday, December 11, 2006

Online Tools Help Cancer Patients Select Treatments - iHealthBeat - Daily News Digest on Health Care Information Technology

Online Tools Help Cancer Patients Select Treatments - iHealthBeat - Daily News Digest on Health Care Information Technology: "Computer program 'decision aids' are being used by cancer patients to help them choose the most effective treatment options, the Chicago Tribune reports. According to the Tribune, many of the computer programs 'can be accessed by patients on their own, though they are best used in consultation with a doctor.'

Adjuvant! Online and Numeracy, used by the Mayo Clinic, help translate technical information about cancer treatments into terms patients can understand, and Decision Board helps women with breast cancer decide between mastectomies and lumpectomies and provides an online calculator to help men decide whether to have biopsies to diagnose prostate cancer. The computer programs help cancer patients at a time when they 'have more information than ever' and physicians 'often have access to less time for counseling,' the Tribune reports. "

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