Thursday, December 21, 2006

Evolution EMR - helping both patients and doctors

Evolution EMR - helping both patients and doctors: "Evolution EMR frees clinicians from administrative burdens and enables the practice to focus on their central mission of caring for patients. Evolution EMR includes numerous clinical and administrative productivity tools that save time, cut costs, and help reduce medical errors.

Finally, the browser-based software includes patient registration and history forms. Patients can use a kiosk setup in the waiting room to fill out these forms, or the front-desk personnel can enter the information after patients have filled out paper-based forms. Once this data has been entered into the system, it can be accessed from any handheld device or workstation in the office. With the optional patient relationship management module of Evolution EMR, patients can securely fill out these forms using the practice's Website. Letting patients enter their data directly into Evolution EMR eliminates double data-entry, which means less work for you!

Evolution PHR is the patient relationship management module of the E-Health Platform for use with Evolution EMR. It provides a solution that can nurture this important relationship during a patient's time of need. It enhances patient satisfaction by actively involving patients in the process of receiving medical care."

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