Monday, December 25, 2006

Lumenos - Consumer Driven Health Plans

Lumenos - Consumer Driven Health Plans: "Lumenos is changing the way health care works, by providing health plans that actually help consumers maintain and improve their health.

All our plans start with healthy ideas like these:

* It’s your health; you should control some of the money.

* Your health plan should make it easy for you to do the right things.

* Your health plan should pay for care that keeps you healthy, even when you’re not sick.

* No one should get between you and your doctor.

Then, we cut out the fat of typical plans – like restrictions on what doctors you can see. The result – healthier health plans."

Today, it's usually the employer who decides what health plan the employee gets. Once patients start spending their own money on getting health insurance cover for themselves, the smarter health insurance companies which offer value for money and "put patients first" will do very well for themselves !

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