Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dossia as a model for the PHR

Dossia as a model for the PHR: "Dossia provides what is missing today in terms of portability, accessibility and transparency. It is based on the Connecting for Health Common Framework, a set of design and policy standards established by a collaboration of industry stakeholders, including consumer advocacy organizations, physician groups, insurers, technologists and privacy watchdogs.

Connecting for Health is funded by the Markle and Robert Wood Johnson Foundations. The goal of the Common Framework -- and of Dossia as its first real-world deployment -- is to provide a robust, secure and flexible data capture and authentication system through which consumers can aggregate their health information to create one independent, lifelong personal health record.

Dossia enables an individual to develop a personal health record via two means: entering the data themselves and enabling the system to search and securely aggregate their individual health data from various sources. Once Dossia is complete, it will begin drawing information from all available electronic sources within the health care system on behalf of each individual who requests it."


  1. Anonymous3:35 AM

    But how does the PHR help the MD provide patient care? and how many MDs have completed their own PHR?

  2. Most MDs think they are immortal - and rarely follow even their own advise !

    The PHR would help the MD because it would provide all the important information about the patient's medical history in one place. This way, the MD would not have to waste time extracting the clinically relevant information from the patient. Patients forget and can get confused - and this affects the doctor's ability to provide medical care. You can imagine how critically vital this would be in an emergency, for example ! It would also help patients with multiple problems, as the specialist could coordinate their care and not duplicate their efforts.

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    The problem I see with this is that physicians are the keepers of patient data today. That data resides in the physician's office - on paper (for the most part). Because of this, Dossia will not be able aggregate patient data (ony outcome data from participating health plans) forcing patients to to enter it themselves. The has traditionally not worked e.g. RelayHealth, Medem, etc. Oour CEO talks more about it here:

    Jonathan Seb
    Practice Fusion, Inc.


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