Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for administering self-insured programs

BPO for healthcare insurance: " Outsourcing is not a new trend or concept in the self-insured marketplace. Self-insured employers have long outsourced benefits administration to third party administrators (TPAs) and health plans. In turn, health plans and TPAs have often outsourced their claims entry, pre-certification, medical management and PPO access to third parties."


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    Being a boon to the Business entity, outsourcing should not just be understood as a cost-saving measure to hand over a part of work of the business firm to a third-party service provider. Instead, BPO in a wider sense is the cost-saving transaction of non-core processes by a business firm with an external source specialized in the concerned business process under strict guidelines for the security of database and other assets of the firm.
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  3. BPO Sector plays a major role in Indian economy.Over the past few years we have seen significant change in the healthcare sector. Technology dependency has increased, preponderance of quality over cost and other evolving new legal and regulatory compliances forced healthcare sector to recast business and care delivery processes.

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