Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why openEHR makes much more sense

Why openEHR makes much more sense: ".. it is shameful, all the same, that through diverse confusions and confabulations, the protection of the multi-billions that are now spent on not serving well the information needs of healthcare, end up with money mainly directed, largely unwittingly, and not in any sense by stupid people, in ways that have still failed to reach or be allowed near the heart of the matter. That is where considerations of quality, information and governance intersect in providing health services that people trust and value. In such circumstances, there are problems best approached through simplifying and withdrawing resource; Fred Brooks and his concept of the mythical man-month is salutary.

openEHR has never yet had external financial support; we, our research teams, colleagues and parent organisations have done it ourselves. Of course, it has been largely ignored on high, for as long as possible, because bottom-up and top-down motivated initiative is bound to encounter an uncomfortable collision layer in the real world. That collision is occurring right in the middle of changing patient care."

Here's a clever way of implementing the EHR inexpensively and reliably !

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