Saturday, December 30, 2006

Health Care in Crisis: Is HIT the Rx?

Health Care in Crisis: Is HIT the Rx?: "1. Focus on value. Consumers, providers, and payers must increasingly direct healthcare purchasing, delivery of healthcare services, and reimbursement monies based on value.

2. Develop better consumers. Consumers must make better lifestyle choices and become wiser purchasers of healthcare services.

3. Create better options for promoting health and providing care. Consumers must increasingly seek out more convenient, effective, and efficient means, settings, and providers.

The central theme running through these issues is the availability of reliable information. All stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem—governments, employers, payers, providers, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, and patients—will need superior tools that provide unprecedented access to healthcare data in a secure and appropriate manner.

The ability to make value-based decisions regarding healthcare choices requires access to consistent data on cost, quality, and access. Becoming a better healthcare consumer means not only having access to information about providers, treatments, and other healthcare areas, but also having the ability to become better educated about various lifestyle options. And finally, new care delivery mechanisms that are decentralized and nontraditional (e.g., over the Internet, in the home, at the local food market,"

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