Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Have sickness, must travel - Sunday Times - Times Online

Have sickness, must travel - Sunday Times - Times Online: "The prices are attractive, as are the promise for India Medical Tourism Expo 2006; stands decked with glossy photos of palm trees, white beaches and gleaming ultra-modern hospitals. “We’re booked here for the next 16 years,” beams Prasant Saha, who set up the expo with help from the Indian government, which has created incentives such as a fast-track visa for patients. It was the expo’s second year, boosted by a 2005 report from McKinsey consultants suggesting that medical tourism in India would be a £2 billion business by 2012. Saha thinks India is well placed to capitalise on medical tourism. “In India, English is spoken,” he says. “There’s amazing expertise, and many of the doctors have been educated or have practised in the UK.” "

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