Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ten Simple Rules for Meeting Patient Expectations

Ten Simple Rules for Meeting Patient Expectations: " The Institute of Medicine has issued these 10 “simple rules” for meeting patient expectations:

1) Care should be based on continuous relationships.
2) Care should be customized for patient needs and values.
3) Patients should be the source of control.
4) Knowledge should be shared and information should flow freely.
5) Decisions should be based on evidence.
6) Safety should be a given.
7) Transparency is necessary.
8) Patient needs and understanding should be anticipated.
9) Waste and duplications should be continuously decreased.
10) Cooperation among clinicians is a priority.

To these ten points, I would add: For a truly “patient-centered system,” understandable and timely patient education and communication at every point of health care interaction is fundamental if we are to build enduring patient-physician trust."

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  1. Anonymous1:57 AM

    I'm sorry but those 10 things from the IOM sound like bureacratic hooey. Here are top ten consumer needs of doctors/ hospitals/etc.

    Please don't make or allow a mistake/screw-up that kills me or makes me worse. (i.e., give me infection, error, missed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, wrong treatment, follow-up slipped through cracks, surgical error)

    Please don't leave a condition unattended or underattended because of some profit-making motive i.e., cost to payer or to hospital.

    Please don't “leave me in the dark” about my specifics. (MY condition, my specific diagnosis, my specific treatment/med, my next steps, my specific hospital/surgery center, my follow up, etc.) I may want to learn more on my own.

    Please don't give me a diagnosis &/or treatment, etc. when there was something better, more effective out there.

    Please see me/give me an appointment at day/time I need. And, Please don't make me wait too long in your office/waiting room/test results.

    Please don't make me pay more than I should. Bills are confusing, hassle, take long time to resolve.

    Please help me to take steps to prevent/ reverse a preventable condition that I may be prone to.


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