Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Using New Communication Methods to Manage Patients’ Moments of Truth -- HealthLeadersMedia.com

Using New Communication Methods to Manage Patients’ Moments of Truth -- HealthLeadersMedia.com: "In a consumer-driven health market, the key to success for payors, providers, and physicians will be managing moments of truth for patients. Patients will be the center of care. Health organizations that succeed will look at the system from the patient’s point of view for each health encounter--anticipating needs, providing information and meeting expectations every step of the way.

This new point of view will require shifting from paternalism to partnership--from payors, hospitals, and doctors “know best,” to informed patients who will “choose the best” based on information. To this end, the healthcare industry has an opportunity now to leverage new technology that communicates with patients more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

A new and important trend is upon us: using the Web to communicate with consumers and aggregate data at every step of the engagement or interaction with the health system. This trend requires patients to take an active role in authorizing medical decisions, understanding their condition, and complying with medical instructions.

Good care boils down to trust. Given the right information at the right time in the right way, patients can be trusted to do the right thing."

The information should be tailored to the patient's needs - and this can be best done using a PHR.

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