Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blogs let families share details of their lives

Blogs let families share details of their lives: "David wrote the first updates as Iris began chemotherapy for a recurrence of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Treatment eventually included a stem cell transplant.

'I didn't have energy to talk,' Iris recalls. But often she could type. And friends and family responded.

'Iris, thanks for letting us know what happened this week,' wrote her friend Miriam in Cincinnati, who had gone to school with Iris from sixth grade. 'You started this site, and now you have a responsibility to your loyal readers to keep it up.'

Iris felt that, and welcomed it during the long illness.

'It was really helpful to me to see the feedback I got from people,' she says. 'I had a lot of people on my team, but it was me in the ring. They just wanted to know how the fight was going, and I was able to give them that information.'"

Blogs allow patients to reach out to others - and also educate and inform other patients. P2P in healthcare refers to Patient-to-Patient Networking !

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