Friday, December 01, 2006

Physicians Practice Articles : A Better Way To Practice

Physicians Practice Articles : A Better Way To Practice: "IHI's Idealized Design of Clinical Office Practices (IDCOP), which seeks to re-engineer the way care is delivered in the most common ambulatory setting — the doctor's office.

The successes that these evolving practices are enjoying shouldn't come as a surprise. The reality is, many of the IDCOP ideas aren't new: streamlining patients' movement through a visit by better use of staff and space; using technology to manage processes and patient data; getting rid of schedule backlogs by making office visits more productive and fewer in number; and delegating to staff more effectively, freeing up physicians to focus on the work that requires their expertise. "

It's much easier to copy what someone else is doing successfully ! We can all learn from these doctors and do a better job in our own clinics.

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