Thursday, October 01, 2009

EHR Bloggers: HIT and Medical Education: The Innovators

EHR Bloggers: HIT and Medical Education: The Innovators: "The Florida State University College of Medicine has taken a more aggressive approach. It is one of the newest medical schools in the US, so its curriculum developers were not constrained by prior commitments and teaching methods. They chose to leapfrog ad hoc approaches to HIT education and design an Internet-age curriculum that has medical informatics woven into its fabric.

Nancy Clark, who directs the Medical Informatics program there, told me recently that FSU students receive laptops upon arrival at the school. Their textbooks are on line. During orientation and first semester, they learn to access library resources on line and gain early exposure to decision support tools.

In the second semester, she said, FSU medical students receive PDAs and learn how to use them. They also learn how to carry out literature reviews and manage bibliographies on line.

In their fourth semester, the students meet in specially designed classrooms where they learn how to use SOAPware, a laptop-supportable EHR. During their third year, students use SOAPware during supervised patient encounters and receive feedback from attending physicians regarding their work."


  1. I think every United States Medical School should follow the lead of FSU. This is the perfect example of integrating the rapidly evolving technology and medical industry with the students. From the moment they start school they are joining the new wave of medical care, and at the same time encouraging their students to go "GREEN".

  2. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I hope this happens in medical coding school as well. IT should touch every facet of medical education.


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